Skinny Tan – Tan & Tone Kit – No Orange, No Streak, Cellulite Reduction Lotion All Skin Types review

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Skinny Tan Sunless Tanning Kit
Get a sun-kissed glow by having this sunless tanning kit from Skinny Tan. It will not turn you orange. Instead, it will leave your skin looking healthy, golden, and absolutely natural. And don't fret about skin hydration with this tanning kit. Perfect for a no-streak application. This kit will make you look like you have just returned from a weekend vacation. Most of all, Skinny Tan does what it says – it visibly reduces the signs of cellulite – leaving your skin glowing, radiant and smoother-looking. If you want beautiful, sun-kissed skin, this kit is all you need.

Kit Contains:
1. Pre Tan Primer: Prep your skin this Skinny Tan's Pre Tan primer offering the world's best exfoliator (Walnut Shell).
This primer helps you to achieve smooth, soft and clean skin. We all want our self-tanners to look natural and to last as long as possible so give them the best base to work on! Note you should always prime a few hours before you tan, not immediately before.
2. 7-Day Tanner: A natural tanner that fades gradually over time so no-one knows your faking it. Skinny Tan 7-day tanner goes on instantly bronze then develops into a perfect streak-free medium tan that is gentle on the skin and lasts for up to 7 days. No drying or flaking. Skinny Tan 7-day tanner fades naturally over 7-days with your skin's natural cell turnover. Can be reapplied for a darker effect.