Project E Beauty Professional New 635-650nm Lipolysis Laser Liposuction Cellulite Fat Removal System Home and Salon Use review

Low Level Laser Therapy has been used for mano they years,low level laser emits low
level laser energy lipolaer treatment is completely noninvasive,safe,have no side effect
for fat loss It penetrate into skin surface and stimulates the fat cell
membranes,changing their permeability,the fat cells reduce their overall size and
intracellular fat is released then the fatty trigly cerides flow out of the disrupted cell
membranes and into the interstitial space,where they gradually pass through the
body's natural metabolic functions with no harmful physiological effects,this process is
resulting in inch loss of patiens

Laser type diode wavelength – 635nm – 650nm
Energy output – 128 x 160mW
Pwer output consumption- 100VA
Dimensions – 32cm x 46cm x 44cm (does not include stand)
Weight – 9.10kg
Cooling requirements – Air cooled
Electrical requirements – 100V-240V
Mode of operation – continuous
Mode type:3 kinds
Environmental 10C to 30C Non-condensing
Requirements – Humidities below 75%RH