Organic Essential Oils for Cellulite Skin recipes

Organic Essential Oils & Oil Blends for Cellulite Skin

Essential Ois  are made from the essence of particular plants. Massaging with essential oils is a great remedy for cellulite because help increases poor circulation, detoxify the body, balance the hormones and act as a diuretic.
Volatile oils provide a fantastic natural alternative and is a substitute working to reduce the appearance of cellulite, by eliminating toxins that can accumulate in the fat cells and get more oxygen.Essential Oils combat cellulite from Cellulite House
Can be an effective anti-cellulite treatment and have been a part of traditional medicine for ages. I always personally prefer a natural treatment to a chemical and that’s why I decided to write this post.
Essential oils recommended for cellulite have cleansing properties and are known to stimulate the lymphatic system . Cellulite can take time to dissolve  but these oils are important because  they go deep down in the tissues.
The treatment  is actually super easy, and all you need is an essential oil or two and a carrier oil (like jojoba, sweet almond, olive, or coconut oil ). You can combine them well and massage affected  cellulite areas 10 minute a day (keep the bottle in a safe place ). Usually the combination is 5 drops of essential oils  in total  to every 10 mls of your chosen carrier massage.

So, what are the best / must have anti-cellulite essential oils?

After a look on the internet pages about this topic I decided that are many essential oils, that have proven to be the most effective, so I just presented here. After all, they are remarkable so I can not classify them.

Essential Oils to combate cellulite -Infographic (from Cellulite House)

FENNEL  is a powerful detoxing natural diuretic agent, effective for breaking up the fatty deposits under the surface of the skin and boosting the production of collagen. It seems to be most effective when blended with other oils ( particularly rosemary essential oil).
This  treatment helps to battle cellulite from the inside out ( be carreful if you are pregnant you need to speak with a doctor first.).  Add 2 drops of rosemary essential oil and 2 drops of fennel essential oil to 2-3 teaspoons of olive, coconut or  jojoba oil. Blend well and massage using the finger pads to apply it in a circular motion 2-3 times/week for effective results.
ROSEMARY  represent one of the best oils for battling cellulite due to its toning and firming properties. It helps to combat lymphatic blockage, fluid retention and toxin build up in the tissues.
GRAPEFRUIT  and LEMON is also known as an appetite suppressant, especially in weight loss cure (inhale 3 drops when you feel the need for food) but also encourages elimination of cellular toxins, These are one of the best. diuretic and lymph tonic. You can create your own cellulite rub by mixing with vegetal oil like coconut or olive oil/ once a day.
GERANIUM mproves circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system, helping to diminish water retention, eliminate toxins and for sure improving the texture of your skin . Mix 6 drops of the oil with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and firmly massage into the effected areas / two times a day.
JUNIPER BERRY  – because it has a lot of health benefits, it is the most popular. In skin care treatments it also acts as a tonic but also has detoxifying and cleansing properties. Blend together with cypress, fennel, grapefruit…has notable results in the fight against cellulite.
LEMONGRASS  is a a natural miracle for your skin, being a strong astringent.  It helps to remove toxins and enhance blood circulation.
CEDARWOOD  oil helps to decongest  sluggish tissues, drawing out any excess fat in between the tissues and treating cellulite. Mix 6 drops of cedarwood oil with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and massage into affected areas. Repeat daily.

essential-oils-for cellulite combat

EUCALYPTUS – it soothes painful cellulite sensations. It effectively affects fat deposits that lie just under the skin (subcutaneous fat)  with his  anti-inflammatory properties.
At the end  of this article I will show you some Cellulite Massage Oil  Blend recipes ( which I found on the internet). You can try at home:
  • 20 drops rosemary
  • 20 drops fennel
  • 15 drops juniper
  • 15 drops grapefruit
  • 5 drops geranium + Carrier oil
Alternate  Blend 1:
  • 14 drops juniper
  • 10 drops lemon
  • 6 drops oregano
  • Carrier oil: 2 tbsp almond oil + 5 drops each of jojoba and carrot seed oil
Alternate Blend 2:
  • 12 drops grapefruit
  • 10 drops lemon
  • 8 drops fennel
  • Carrier oil: 2 tbsp almond oil + 5 drops each of jojoba and carrot oils
Combine your essential oils, shake to blend and than massage over your body with your hand or a brush. If you are getting a massage from a masseuse try seeking out regular lymphatic massages.
Some other great oils for cellulite include: Celery Seed oregano, cypress, basil, patchouli, petitgrain, coriander…and so many others, if you search on internet. But ultimately it also depends on your personal choice to use of a particular type of ethereal oil, depending on the therapy, texture and smell.
Another method of using volatile oils in the treatment of cellulite can be Detox Baths,  a must-have with  therapeutic options. There are many powerful, natural elements you can add to your baths. But one of the most interesting are certain essential oils mixed with salt and minerals. But this will be another article.
Help get rid of cellulite with this amazing cellulite treatment for your skin.
Be Careful !!!
  • It is advised to do a skin patch test before introducing a new oil to ensure you don’t have a preexisting sensitivity.
  • The quality of essential oils can vary, so it is worth it to purchase pure organic oils from a company you trust. A little research beforehand is recommended.
  • Certain oils oils should be avoided by women who are pregnant or have certain health conditions.
  • Most essential oils should not be applied neat to skin, but instead should be diluted in a carrier oil. the recommended dilution rate is two percent or lower.
  • If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.
  • Essential oils should not be taken internally.
  • Always use essential oils safely.

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