Morjava® KD-9088 Portable Electric Weight Loss Ultrasonic Rf Radio Frequency 625nm LED Cv Defatting for Leg Belly Waist Back Arm review

Morjava brand with Serial Number "86619315" registered in USA.Other unauthorised sellers lists & sales are probhited. which also will not provide warranty service!
1. Working Principle: Ultrasonic: Ultrasonic is in mechanical vibration per second, it makes the treatment area also in vibration so that to achieve the effect of cell massage;
promote cell metabolism, enhance cell vitality, promot blood circulation, enhance skin elasticity
what's more, ultrasonic has the effect of fat burning and lymphatic drainage.
Radio Frequency RF: Radio Frequency RF can effectively thirnk the collagen tissue,
speed up the fat metabolism, so that to achieve the effect of hips shaping, waist and arms shaping;
in the same time, it also can enhance the dermis thickness,
and achieve the effect of loose skin tightening, repair strestch marks and skin lifting.

LED Color Light 624nm red light is with the features of high purity and high-intensity light,
it has remarkable effect in skin care and health care treatment; the red light can improve the activity of cells, promote metabolism,
and promote secretion of collagen and tissue; red light is suitable for all skin types,
so that to makes skin more smooth, improve dry skin, hair loss and damage of hair follicles.
Warm Therapy Promote Metabolism The warm effect of ultrasonic can cause the change of blood vessel function, and reduce cell excitement, produce the effect of analgesia;

ultrasonic has the effect of accelerate metabolism, makes the PH value move to alkaline, it is good for drug penetration, improve drug sterilization ability.