Jasmine Tranquil Delight Relaxation French Trellis Spa Gift Basket Box by LBK Soap Company.Full Size Jasmine Shampoo & Conditioner & Bath Salts 8oz Product review

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LBK Soap Company Sweet Sensations Jasmine Tranquil Delight Relaxation French Gray Trellis Spa Gift Basket Box.Contains:Jasmine Shampoo 8oz & Conditioner 8oz & Bath Salts 8oz Resting on Midnight Craft Crinkle Paper. Our Jasmine Moisturizing Shampoo, is formulated for hair to restore luster, and shine and replace lost moisture with restorative properties to improve hair's moisture balance, strength, shine and manageability. In addition, you'll find natural proteins, amino acids, lipids, nutrients, and vitamins, that match up with the ingredients that make up the structure of the hair, to add vitality, bounce, and shine, which results in an incredible head of hair!