Iraya – Cellulite Detox Gel – Fat Reduction Gel – 200gm review

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Cellulite Detox Gel is made with gotu kola, haritaki, and kankushta, and it's the ultimate anti-cellulite treatment. Each of these Ayurvedic herbs is a powerful detoxifying agent that pulls toxin through the skin's surface, diminishing cellulite in the process. This gel version of a well known taila also has anti-inflammatory properties, and the ability to combat water retention helps deflate puffy skin on ankles and feet. In addition, this amazing formula firms and plumps pitted and dimpled skin by encouraging skin's collagen production and improving skin's elasticity. The Ayurvedic ingredients of this powerful blend of herbs and oils are completely all-natural. Cellulite Detox Gel is suitable for all skin types, but should be used once per week to avoid any irritation from overuse. This detoxifying treatment works its holistic magic on thighs, hips, arms, and bottoms when applied directly to skin and massaged in using upward clockwise motions. Continue to rub the gel into skin until it is completely absorbed, and lay back under a hot towel as the gel does its work. After twenty minutes, soak in a hot tub and rinse off any remaining residue. You will emerge from your bath feeling fresh, firm, and smooth all over.