Foam Roller,2-in-1 Foam Rollers for Muscles Massage,Physical Therapy,Exercise,Trigger Point,Black review

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Foam Roller for Muscles Massage,High Density Foam Roller for Deep Tissue Massage,Physical Therapy,Trigger Point,Exercise-Black

Foam Roller for Muscle Massage-

Made with non toxic-EVA material,our foam roller is designed to be your go to trigger point foam roller,thus easing sore muscles. It's lightweight,but will never break down or get deformed after repeated use.
The foam roller come with 2 unique surface patter designs(highly textured foam roller and soft foam roller),each creating a different pressure type for all your massage and exercise needs.
Our foam roller for muscle massage is 13" in length * 5.5" in diameter,which makes it portable and space-saving for storage. It's neither too long nor too short but is the perfect massage tool for muscle exercise. Besides,for your convenience,there is a handy storage bag for your rollers.

Benefits of Foam Rollers-

With this muscle foam roller,you can do a variety of exercise programs,including yoga,crossfit,pilates and weight training. For sports enthusiasts,the foam roller is guaranteed to workout most of your deepest knots,and give your muscles the relief they need.
Improving blood circulation,loosening muscles,removing lactic acid,and reducing cellulite,the foam roller for exercise now has been your everyday routine. Moreover,our foam rollers are also recommended for deep tissue myofascial massage, physical therapy,self-acupressure targeting trigger points,pain relief and rolling out tough muscle adhensions,etc. It can both relieve your muscle tension and increase your strength,balance,flexibility,and mobility.
With endless rehabilitation and physical therapy potential to improve flexibility,mobility and injury recovery,our foam roller for deep tissue muscle massage will help you feel better and move easier. Just a few minutes each day, you will see the great effect! Warm Hint: Warm up the muscles before exercise.