Foam Roller Stretches and Core Muscle Exercises for Runners and Cyclists DVD review

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PREVIEW: Runners & Cyclists, race to the finish line injury free! An Intermediate-Beginner DVD specifically designed to help you perform better & prevent common injuries. Run time: 32 min.

ACHIEVE: stretch, massage & strengthen key muscles thus minimizing common physical trauma to runners & cyclists: knee & ankle problems; iliotibial band syndrome; leg & lower back tension; muscle pulls; sciatica; stress fractures; alleviate delayed onset muscle soreness.

Beginners are offered a 7-min intro of basic movements & use of Core to stabilize & move on the roller with ease.

This is more than just a 'stretch workout dvd'. It is a thorough 'foam roller stretch and core training dvd' that will help with strength training for cyclists and assist in conquering athletic injuries. Regular and proper use of the roller can be an excellent athletic injury management program as it will dramatically help to alleviate DOMS and cure IT Band syndrome as well as other common running and cycling injuries.

HOW TO CHOOSE A ROLLER for both needs & budget? Prices: $12-$80; length: 12"-36”. Expensive is not more effective or durable. White (softer) costs less and is ideal for Beginners. 12”-18” is great for travel, less versatile for exercise and massage. Advanced users consider medium or high-density.

SURPRISING FACTS: Once you overcome a possible initial shock of muscle discomfort, rolling can become a daily addiction.

PLEASE NOTE *Mat & Foam Roller NOT included with dvd.

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IDEAL FOR HOME USE … lots of visual anchors and reminders are provided so you can safely learn on your own, though you will feel like I'm right beside you. This feature alone got my dvds the vote: "an ideal workout dvd for beginners", "best workout dvd for women", "best ab workout dvd for women", “great exercise dvds for women over 50" and "fabulous senior workout dvd".

LIGHT HEARTED & HUMOROUS … did you know that laughing builds Core Strength and elevates the spirit? I'm your gentle teacher – the “Love-inatrix” not the “Dom-inatrix”. I consistently strive to bring you the "best workout dvd" regardless of the theme: Lower Back Strengthening and Core Exercises with Pilates dvd, Toning Arms, Butt and Thigh Workout dvd, Stretching Exercises dvd for Morning and Bedtime, Posture Exercise dvd, Improve Balance dvd, and a complete line of Foam Roller dvd for Stretching, Massaging and Strength that incorporate Yoga and Pilates moves.

COMPASSIONATE … I learned from my own, crippling back pain experience at the age 35 that the human body needs consistent “stretch and strength” practice, and the safest way to progress is step-by-step. Each move has a "stretch and strength" component and you will find plenty of “feel good” lower back pain stretches for weak backs. When your muscles are sufficiently conditioned you will breeze through and be ready for more difficult workouts. The body can change so much with even 10 minutes of exercise a day!

EDUCATIONAL … I explain the “why/how” details of each maneuver because it helps most people memorize faster. Once you remember the move and your muscles automatically engage, you will surprise yourself with your renewed strength and performance in all of your activities.

TIMELESS … because Core Strength is essential to excel in sports or even to walk safely, no matter how strong your core muscles already are, they can always get stronger. Regardless of your age and physical condition, you will find exciting ab workout segme