Elmatory Upgraded Medical grade silicone Anti Cellulite Vacuum Cup 4pcs Cupping Therapy Set Body Massage cups – Best Cellulite Massager – (4 sizes cups + Brush/Mitt) review

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Before you start Elmatory cupping therapy and Brush mit.

If possible, do not use on dry skin to succeed in your massage. Must either apply oil(like massage oil) or cream(like slimming cream) to the area. You can also massage with this cup in the shower taking advantage of the soapy water.

The benefits of Elmatory cupping therapy and Brush mit.

– These cups are really effective in eliminating cellulite by improving blood flow disorder and lymphatic circulation disorder. It also acts directly on the skin to remove wastes and helps to alleviate acne and skin diseases. They will make to restore the smoothness and resilience of your skin. You can use with cellulite removal cream and massage oil. It can be used on all body where improvement is desired.
– These cups can increase immunity and improve the constitution by removing blood stasis and toxins. It is also effective in treating musculoskeletal disorders and bruises. In other words, you can expect treatment such as shoulder and back pain. Cupping massage also has the effect of stabilizing the nerves and taking a good night's sleep.
– Require neither fire nor pump gun. You need to squeeze these cups to create a vacuum. Easy to use.
– Our cups are manufactured using Medical Grade Silicone not like many other products using Food Grade Silicone. We make these cups with the most safety silicone.
– These products are made of soft, flexible silicone. You can feel comfortable with our products.
– These products are ergonomic and robust.

Package Content.

1 Large body cup(3.15 * 2.75") of sufficient thickness
1 Medium body cup(2.16 * 2.16") of sufficient thickness
2 Facial cups(3.15 * 1.5", 1.97 * 0.59")
Cellulite Massager Brush(O4,33")
Beautiful Cotton Pouch
User Manual