Edible Sensual Massage Therapy Oil for Dry Skin – Aromatherapy Massage Oil For Therapeutic Detox – Tantric & Personal Massage – Anti Aging Sensitive Skin Care – Smooth Cellulite Fine Lines & Wrinkles review

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Our deep tissue massage oil was created as a relaxing massage oil enhanced with aromatherapy benefits via the pure essential oils. Our all natural formula was developed to give you a full body experience and to soothe and calm muscle pain. Our muscle pain relief massage oil has a non-sticky formula to ensure a slick, fluid massage that will feel good and leave your body discomfort free. It is a therapeutic grade muscle soreness relief oil used by massage therapists to alleviate aches, pains and sore muscles.

Our massage oil for men and women has no added fragrances. There is a light scent, but that comes straight from the herbal ingredients and essential oils. We have enhanced our recipe with Lavender to have a natural calming effect on the mind and spirit. That combined with our other ingredients enables the release of frustrations and pent up feelings and eases pain and soreness in muscles and tissues. We use the homeopathic benefits of aromatherapy to detox the body and mind.

Our body oil for dry skin nourishes and moisturizes. The botanical recipe promotes the body to lock in hydration so your skin is soothed and luxuriously soft for all day relief from dry, itchy skin. Our massage oil blend was developed to calm nerves and promote deep sleep as it ultra moisturizes the body and enables a deep tissue massage. The nourishment your skin receives enables the elimination of wrinkles and cellulite while lubricating the skin. Our natural ingredients are absorbed by the skin, hence all the hydrating benefits, so cleanup is quick and easy. No stains, no grease, no oily mess. Hypoallergenic with No Added Fragrance for Sensitive Skin All Natural Ingredients for Natural Flavoring No Artificial Colors, No Added Preservatives, No Artificial Flavoring Non-Greasy, Non-Oily, Non-Staining Ultra Hydrating, Anti-Wrinkle Formula Enhanced with Vitamin E for Scar Removal