Cupping Therapy Set | Anti Cellulite Cup and Anti Cellulite Brush | Massage Cups with Cellulite Massager | 4 x cups and 1 x brush | Sorano by BEAUSSOL review

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We offer this package where you will find the following products: 2 Anti cellulite cups (3.14”x2.75” and 2.16”x2.16”) 2 Vacuum cups for massage (3.14”x1.49” and 1.96”x0.59”) 1 Anti cellulite brush Ø4,33” 1 Cloth travel bag 1 Instruction guide

BEAUSSOL CUPPING THERAPY SET We have designed a more detailed guide in order to give you more knowledge on how you can live a life without cellulite. A wonderful method in comparison to the old glass cups method. It is safe and does not require any heating to create suction. If you wonder about scars, bruises or marks, this will not be the case, any cream oil will increase the massaging making it pleasant and effortless. In order to help cleanse deep tissues and exfoliate skin, the surface of the brush has complements in order to improve the efficacy of cellulite massages. This bristles are made by a soft and pliable silicone with the best medical grade quality. Same can be said about the silicon massage cups. Significant pain relief has been reported by people after their busy days or workouts using their cupping kit. Toxins will be flushed away, your lymphatic drainage will be improved and your blood circulation. Fat beneath the skin is causing the irregular & lumpy skin, it will be removed in a matter of time and you will feel the difference.

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