CSC Spa CRU & VCR Radio Frequency & Vacuum & Cavitation Tabletop review

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CSC Spa offers a complete line of saloon and spa products We offer high quality products for hair skin and nails We create unique and patented aesthetic saloon equipment furniture and tools We are committed to create spa furniture that is modern functional aesthetically appealing All of our solutions are designed with your workday in mind with performance and savings that are always at work for you This unit helps to moisturize your skin Aids pigment removal blood vessel removal weight loss skin rejuvenation dark circles removal breast enhancement antipuffiness cellulite reduction wrinkle removal Features. Preprogrammed for easy use. Cavitation Handles for the Face with red LED and Body for fat removal. Bipolar and Tripolar radio frequency handles skin tightening. Vacuum Handle with built in RF nodes for cellulite and contouring treatments. Foot pedalSpecifications. Dimensions 213 L x 16 W x 9 H. Weight 20 lbs