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The idea of this article came to me when I read a very interesting interview that made me ask a few questions, and I decided to share it with you.
We spend too many hours to “look good” for everyone else . Every day our image is somethink that other want to see, not what we are. This is the idea of a perfect body in a  perfect life. The issue is right or wrong for us?  Who can decide?

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In our society our self-love Is corrupt due to the image sold at the corner of the street, in magazines, in stores, all around us.But we are not robots, we are human, and all different. Did you know that there are not two unique fingerprints worldwide?
And why do we want to look like a model, to be different than what we are,? Probably because of the current society that has set standards that we must reach, otherwise we are excluded or marginalized.
This is happening today with the overweight woman or with cellulite skin. So…We need to be perfect?
Look what Danni Tabor (she was cast as Angelina Johnson in the Harry Potter film  franchise) said about the  Idea of “a Perfect Weight”( Original source here )
I liked it so much that I will quote a few answers given in an interview :
,,People mistake self-love for thinking they must always like what they see in the mirror — and yes, of course, that is the goal; that all depends on perspective — but my argument is that you can still have self-love while wanting to make progress or improve  things.
The main issue is that we attach too much to an idea of what our perfect body may be or what self-love should be. But that’s the issue. There is no right or wrong.
We can love ourselves and feel bloated. We can love ourselves but feel uncomfortable in  our skin. We are a work in progress and human and won’t always feel amazing.
Also she explained :
Loving ourselves is about acceptance, not always liking and feeling comfortable. In the same way I love my fiancé, I love him but don’t always like his behaviour. I don’t always like what he says. But I accept him. I accept him because of these things. It doesn’t mean I don’t want our relationship to grow or progress. But I don’t feel the need to change him. When I accept him for him, we grow naturally, and the same for our own self-love.
Trust the process; it wont always be linear. The end goal may not be where you find your happiness. Trust that you often need to find happiness outside your comfort zone.
The journey is a lifestyle choice. Stay consistent: that’s the most important thing.
Learning to balance life and health and goals will always be something I work on. Remember why you started, but also be willing to evolve and change and create a lifestyle that fits .”
Neither could I say it better. Is true, you need to love your body and your mind because you are unique and you are beautiful as you are. What do you think?
 Cellulite House-Bikini-Woman
I decided to continue my investigation about real life self-esteem and I found another interesting article with ,,some awesome women who will inspire you to rock it with confidence. ‘’  (original source here )
Coco Curve explains how :
,,real beauty isn’t about symmetry or weight or makeup; it’s about looking life right in the face and seeing all its magnificence reflected in your own.”
Sabrina Servance said  :
,, I’m not the ideal standard of beauty. And I will never be. And I don’t ever want to be. I’m my own kind of beautiful.”
Alysse Dalessandro:
” It’s not easy to wear what you want when society is screaming that your body doesn’t belong in a bikini. It’s still a journey and it’s okay to be where ever you are in that process.”
Callie Thorpe:
“Let’s talk about cellulite. I have it, you most likely have it. It’s a part of our skin, It makes no difference on you as a person or certainly on how attractive you are.”
Pregnant Fitness Star Emily Skye ( source News from :
“I have cellulite on my butt & thighs & my muscle mass & strength continues to decrease… but you know what?! I’m absolutely loving all of the changes my body (& mind) is making,”
These are some impressions of normal, normal women. What do you think? Did you find yourself among them? Because I found myself in their image. The real one.
In conclusion you have to feel good in your skin, work for a balance between body, mind, society and integration. It’s okay if you are not perfect. It’s also good if you want to change something for yourself as long as you do not exaggerate and do it for yourself and not for others.
Have a nice image about you…and your cellulite !
Cellulite House Woman Freedom

Image: Cellulite House Woman Freedom

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