What causes Cellulite. An Introduction to Cellulite world

What is cellulite? 

 ,,The Good, the Bad, and the Beauty”

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Cellulite Tsunami "Hot Cream" Lipo Package from Cellulite House Cellulite is the appearance of lumpy or dimpled “cottage cheese skin,.The reason adults develop areas of loose skin and cellulite is due to uneven texture of fatty deposits beneath the skin. Some of the factors that contribute to this condition are a lack of exercise, hormone changes and your diet. As a skin condition, cellulite is not serious or harmful, but some are very bothered by the unsightly appearance of cellulite.
This condition is additional common in ladies than in men. However, everybody will develop fat  and cellulite, even  adolescents  who have to do with weight and body’s change

Infographic Cellulite House -90 of women have cellulite

I will try to explain the natural ways to reduce cellulite and share  info regarding current analysis and ongoing research.
In the past 20-30 years there have been only a few dozen studies, in the medical or scientific literature about cellulite, but the interest of scientists in this problem has clearly increased.
So you want to burn excess body fat, while dangerous weight loss or elimination of cellulite and fat will avoid strategies?
Tips for safe weight loss will be covered, as it has been shown that weight loss can further reduce the appearance of cellulite body.
Increased burning of fat by body heat appears to be the main form, while improving microcirculation.
However, sometimes cellulite may be due to underlying issues like narrowing blood vessels and forcing water from the skin. If your cellulite does not respond to the treatments and suddenly gets worse, have a dermatologist review your symptoms and risk factors. They can help rule out problems like lack of blood flow, which can be dangerous for people with heart or circulatory problems.
Nothing can substitute for eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise. Just as with other signs of aging, cellulite is best managed by focusing on long-term weight loss and overall health first.

What causes cellulite…     

Several primary factors contribute to the development of cellulite, including:
  • Poor diet,
  • slow metabolism
  • Fluid retention (which also causes bloating),
  • Dehydration,
  • Lack of circulation (blood flow),
  • Weak collagen structure of the skin,
  • Being overweight or having increased body fat,
  • Hormonal changes, Lack of physical activity
  • Existing medical conditions like autoimmune disease or diabetes, genetics, poor diet, allergies, smoking, too much sun exposure and other causes
  • stress,
Science has shown that all of the factors above increase inflammation and contribute to signs of aging.
There’s no permanent solution for getting rid of cellulite but here are some small changes you can make to help you reduce the appearance of cellulite: massage the area, drink water, exercise and eat healthy and don’t stress. All you have to do to improve the appearance if cellulite is to stimulate your circulation!
Treatment modalities can be divided into four main categories:
  • attenuation of aggravating factors  (like stress, weight gain, sedentary lifestyle and hormonal contraceptives),
  • physical and mechanical methods (Endermologie – mobilize mechanical the subcutaneous fat in affected areas of the body with machines tools and other massage techniques)
  • pharmacological agents  (Studies conducted on Aminophylline cream and retinol have shown a slight improvement in areas affected by cellulite ) and
  • laser  (Currently, there are numerous investigations into the possibility of non-invasive correction of cellulite with laser therap and give the promise in the possibility of effectively treating cellulite)

    Infographic : Anti-cellulite Treatment from Cellulite House

Today we have a solution to treat cellulite, Non-invasive procedures for cellulite really do work.

Do try body brush for cellulite reduce

it not only exfoliates the skin but stimulates circulation as well. Dry brushing is easy and can be done at home. Ideally, daily body brushing, stroking in the direction towards your heart or a strong-handed massage on the thighs, will increase fat dispersion if done on a regular basis.

Body scrub skin exfoliation – Coffee beans for cellulite

are also a great solution with results that you will have to work for.You can find some great products to scrub your body.
Cellulite is a big fan of women with inactive careers. Also smoking and a diet high in sugar, salt, carbs, fat, fried and processed food and alcohol  contribute to your cellulite skin. A healthy lifestyle has many important benefits.
There are no truly effective treatments for cellulite, but a long term and multidirectional treatment can bring satisfactory results.
Newer therapeutic modalities continue bring to light treatments can lead to a long-term improvement. Still, cellulite becomes more clinically apparent with weight gain.
Although weight loss, diet and exercise should be encouraged as an initial step in the treatment of cellulite and have been cited as means of improving cellulite.
But the aim remain prevention and then treatment.

See cellulite for exactly what it is. You are not alone!

How to Get Rid of Cellulite — 5 Natural Treatments

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What is your best way to get rid of cellulite? If you ever tried  one of this method  to treat your cellulite, or if you know other recipes, please share your results with us in the comments section below. We will be happy to learn from your experience.

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