Cellulite Treatment Clay – Body Wrap Wholesale – 12 Pound Bucket review

Premium Anti-Cellulite Body Wrap Formula will give your clients a wrap treatment that will promote reduction of visible stretch marks and scars. The Treatment Clay has a lightweight and creamy texture for easy application. No harmful chemicals are ever used in the manufacturing of our products. Our formulas ingredients are approved worldwide.

Wrap your clients with a premium clay that is formulated with essential oils for reducing the appearance of cellulite.

This clay type formula can be used with wrap bandages (see products in our store) or use plastic wrap for easy clean up and disposal. Linen Sheets can also be used to cover your clients. After wrapping be sure to have your clients wear a sauna suit, sweat suit, or cover them with a warm blanket. Have them stay in the wraps for 45 minutes to 1 hour for best results. See our store for low cost wraps and sauna suits.

We have been manufacturing body wrap formulas for over 10 years. We care about the quality of our product and follow the strictest guidelines to guarantee a high quality product.