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Find  the Perfect Cellulite treatment massage techniques-The Anatomy of 5 Steps

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The concern of young women and women in general, to always looking good , comes from ancient times. In the Egyptian tombs were found substances similar to the foundation of the skin and lipstick that they used for their beauty.
I found an interesting  video from 1940  that shows us a massage room used for anti-cellulite massage or relaxation massage.What do you think ? Very interesting… For those times, it was probably something fashionable and unusual, and although it seems rather awkward, women used those devices.

Sala de fitness in 1940 ?

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Fortunately times have evolved and today we have other, comfortable, easy to use massage machines. Everything is so simple that we often do not have to go to the anticellulite treatment clinic, but we can treat ourselves alone at home.
The devices are so modern that it offers us various therapies depending on the degree of your cellulite. The treatment offers alternative massager types.

The anti cellulite massage, with firm pressure, is a little painful but at the end with a proper preparations, we don’t need to have bruises. You need to use enough pressure (to break up fatty lumps) to really stimulate blood flow at the deepest level ,insisting on the areas with problems. But again, I can say that depends on the degree of cellulite you have.
Massaging is a great technique you must try for cellulite. and need to be done for a  long period of time to see results. It is usually the least expensive treatment. Many experts believe that you can get much better results if you couple this with the best anti-cellulite creams.
Does massage help cellulite? Yes, it does!
The Anti-cellulite massager reshape your body, stimulates the blood circulation and the lymphatic system and drastically improves the appearance and health of your skin,. Massaging cellulite is also beneficial for targeting those difficult areas ( inner knee, upper thigh) that can’t always be targeted through exercise and fitness..
Toxins, such as tobacco, caffeine alcohol and fast foods are number one culprits in the buildup of cellulite.
Massage combined with lymphatic  drainage  techniques and concentrated active agents, the elimination of toxins and adipose nodules accumulated in specific areas of the body is highly favored,.
Your anti-cellulite massage with the right tools will reward with a soft and supple skin for many years. Choosing a good cellulite massager can effectively allow you to have results on long terms to reduce your cellulite.
To reduce celluTopNotch Cellulite Remover Massager, Unique Flexible Massage Brush Fingers. from Cellulite Houselite, you need to do massage techniques on each leg for list 5-10 minutes. If you’re doing it on your own, it would be best for you to do it standing up. You can put your leg on a  a chair and you need to add anti-cellulite massage oil or anti-cellulite cream.
Specialized massage creams or body wraps  (with Vitamin A, L-Carnitine ,caffeine), may also be effective in breaking it up.
When your skin will look red (that is good) , you can apply more oil . But the massage doesn’t stop there. After 10 minutes, as your skin calms down you will be able to see where the big lumps are. Then you need to apply you need the pinch and pull technique. Through these two techniques, fat deposits are broken.
!!! Very important in terms of massage, it is not indicated for women which is at the period , due the stimulation of blood flow. According to Akademija  Oxford :
,,When the period is over, over the next ten days they (women0 are to have ten consecutive massages. As the estrogen concentration steadily rises towards the ovulation, this is the perfect timing to exert the maximum effect of these treatments.”
You can use:
 Silicone Chinese Vacuum Massage Cupping Therapy . Anti-cellulite Set Kit from Cellulite House blog

You can find all variety of cellulite massager products here. 

Many massage methods require application using hands, while others require mechanical massage device. According to MayoClinic.com the beneficial results are usually short-terms. What do you think?
Also today we can  find  Anti Cellulite DIY Massagers like :
Today, learning the anti-cellulite massage technique is now very easy for people who want to do this at home. If you can’t afford one at spa, do it yourself. I found on internet some videos who shows you how t make a massage at home.


I think is very easy, and you must try this at home.
Any cellulite massage technique can be the best one for you ,as this will also depend on your skin type and structure, and also on your cellulite formation level . And the thickness of your wallet…That technique is worth trying and will make your cellulite less visible.
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