Cellulite Dissolving, Fluid Reducing Aromatherapy Dead Sea Bath Salts – “Skinny Bath” – With Natural, Organic Ingredients. 16 oz. review

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Melt Away Cellulite and Trim Your Waistline!

You love your body – But you'd love it a lot more without stubborn cellulite or fluid retention that never seem to improve.

From hurting your self-esteem to giving you physical problems like swelling and joint pain, these issues ensure constant discomfort.

Because these ailments are so universal, many people just assume it's something they have to learn to live with…

But not anymore!

Vi-Tae introduces Skinny Bath, a powerful bath salt that effectively treats cellulite and releases retained fluids.

Because improving blood flow and reducing cellulite often go hand in hand, Skinny Bath utilizes circulation-boosting ingredients like Cypress and Geranium Oil for smooth, dimple-free skin!

And for those feeling bloated or swollen, these bath salts are also effective in reducing fluid retention.

Authentic Dead Sea Salt, Juniper, and Elemi Oil help flush away toxins and take inches off your waistline!

You may only be soaking in the tub, but you'll emerge feeling as though you just spent the afternoon at one of the world's best spas! What makes Skinny Bath better than the rest? It's natural, it works, and you can pamper your way to results!

Why Choose 'Skinny Bath!?
• Naturally reduces the appearance of cellulite.
• Helps your body purge toxins and decrease retained fluids.
• Infused with a special blend of essential oils to bring you luxurious relaxation.
• Brought to you by Vi-Tae, a trusted brand with thousands of satisfied customers.

Your Purchase is Backed with an EXTENDED 1-Year Guarantee – Satisfaction or Your Money Back!

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