Bundle Set To Get Rid of Cellulite! Cellutox Sachets & Salon Size Oil Cellulite Treatment review

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Cellutox Herbal Bath Synergy Cellulite and body cleansing bath therapy BENEFITS: Cleanses, Detoxifies, Stimulates Helps break down cellulite and combat the build-up of toxins. This unique spray dried synergy of Algae, Sea Buckthorn and Sea Fennel extracts combined with pure essential oils of Juniper and Lemon combines the richness of sea plants with the essence of pure aroma. Can be used as part of a body cleansing program. HOW TO USE Empty one sachet, while filling the bath with water at body temperature. Soak in the bath, concentrating on abdominal breathing for 15-20 minutes. Rest for a while afterwards and then apply Cellutox Active Body Oil. For best results use 2 sachets a week. Special care and awareness: It is not advisable to use during pregnancy or while breast feeding. If you suffer from any medical condition please consult your doctor. Cellutox Active Body Oil Cellulite and body cleansing oil BENEFITS: Nourishes, Detoxifies, Stimulates This powerful synergy of Sea Buckthorn, Sea Fennel, Lemon and Juniper essential oils is the perfect body detox. Can be used as part of an anti-cellulite and body cleansing program. For all skin types. Combining the richness of the sea with the power of aroma, this powerful synergy of Sea Buckthorn and Sea Fennel extracts, with Lemon and Juniper essential oils can be used as part of a body cleansing program. Helps combat the build-up of toxins caused by poor diet, stress & lack of exercise Helps to boost a sluggish system, excellent for lethargy Can help with constipation by rubbing into the tummy and lower back area Quickly penetrating, leaves the skin satin soft and smooth HOW TO USE Use daily after a shower or bath. Best applied in the morning or early evening, before 7pm. Pour a small amount into the palms and rub gently over problem areas, such as the abdomen, buttocks and thighs.