Body Massager, eTTgear Body Spa Massager Body Beauty Tool With Electrical Muscle Massage For Skin review

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Sonic Spa: 1Mhz sonic can massage fat cells with its mechanical, chemical and heating functions to make them shrink, thus effectively reduce stubborn fat.
IR Ray: revive cell activities through heating; speed up body metabolism; thus reduce unwanted fat, cellulite and stretch marks.
Strictly controlled head generates sound waves which can massage fat cells with heating functions and make them shrink, thus effectively reduce stubborn fat.
The ray emitted by heated carbon fiber can go deep into skin to revive cell activities, speed up body metabolism, thus desalinate cellulite and stretch marks, evoke youth and elasticity of your skin.

Method of Using
1.Caring the two arms from starting the elbows down towards the armpits. Massage in small circles.
2.Apply breast care agents evenly onto the breasts. Massage following the routine indicated in picture while avoiding nipples.
3.Massage the waist up and down. Massage the waist from outside to inside. Massage in circles around belly. Massage in big circles upwards from underneath the belly.
4.Massage from ankles upwards. Massage the leg belly in small circles upwards.
5.Massage upwards on the hip to lift and firm the skin.
6, Massage the bottom of feet in circles to release puffiness.

Material of probe:Stainless Steel
Color: White
Output Adjustable: Low, High
Adaptor Input power: AC 100V – 240V
Product Certificate: CE,ROHS

Package includes:
1×Body Massager
1×Ac adapter