AntiCellulite Cup Vacuum Massage Cupping Therapy Set – Fascia Blaster for Body Only (Clear) review

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Contour Thérapie RESTORE Kit

FOR BODY AND LEGS – Easy Home Physical Therapy, when used regularly can open up and blast fascias naturally. Suction from the cups creates a reverse deep tissue massage with less effort and time.

REDUCE MUSCLE PAIN & INFLAMMATION – Target trigger points on the neck, shoulders, chest, back, buttocks, thighs, calves, and IT Bands. Reverse muscle and joint damage non-invasively.

BOOST CIRCULATION & LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE – Your body was not made to be stagnant. Frequent exercise and silicone cupping therapy can boost blood flow and drain toxins through your lymph nodes.

PROMOTE CELLULITE REDUCTION, DETOX, WELLNESS & RELAXATION – Reveal smooth, healthy, glowing skin when following a regular cupping regimen. Restore your chi (qi) and awaken your energy.