Anti-cellulite Pants Secrets Revealed

Anti Cellulite Weight Loss Pants
 Cellulite is persistent. There is no stable treatment for cellulite. According to research, It is a condition that repeats itself as soon as it stops or when old and bad habits and lifestyles recur.
Once a fight against cellulite begins, it must persist; otherwise, the “enemy ” will quickly catch up with the “good ones” and be restored under the skin of the hips, thighs, and buttocks.
            Let’s be honest, all women have a certain amount of cellulite, obviously not equal. It is worse than the others and is more visible. The good news is that there are several things that can be done to improve your cellulite condition.
                A variety of creams, lotions, oils are offered to combat cellulite and they work each in its special ways. Some work on the skin surface and mask the attribute cellulite pieces without the doubt. Others attack the superficial skin deposit and stimulate blood circulation in the affected areas. All these procedures increased blood flow and the transfer of nutrients, fluids, and oxygen into the connective tissue, helping to remove waste and toxins.

Today’s topic will be about

Anti-cellulite pants and slim pants.

            We all heard about these wonderful tight elastic pants, just like corsets for the legs. The question is whether they are useful and they really have an effect on cellulite reduction as claimed by manufacturers.
            The mechanical treatments of cellulite are helpful, even though the problem repeats again if the treatments are discontinued. The massage works in the same way as most offered creams, stimulating blood and lymph circulation. Another technique, available in salons and health clubs, is to squeeze the affected areas with a huge role. We know that this last mechanical treatment is often painful, and why not admit, it is expensive.
So why are they special?

There are many type of pants:
  • Hot Pants – a weight loss garment that increases your personal body heat to promote perspiration and weight loss, amd use your natural body heat to increase perspiration
  • With natural encapsulated cosmetic micro-capsules ingredients to help tone and slim the lower body 
  • Magnetic Anti-cellulite pants – a new technology (not cheap)
  • are made of different combination of materials
  • short or long, of different sizes and shapes
  • can be worn by both women and men
          The special pants are made with 1.5mm neoprene or Viscose embedded with ingredients like caffeine, aloe, Vitamin E, retinol or moisturizing milk threads. The material is designed to allow the skin to breathe and support blood circulation.
The pants produce legs massage through the compression (will slightly improve orange peel ) of the special material, and which helps to:
  • decreases water retention
  • Increased heat and molecular stimulation, which is supposed to act on the fat layer
  • toxin diminution
  • increases blood flow
  •  Improve aesthetic appearance, instantly tone the legs and create a smoother look
  • Massaging areas of cellulite. Compression will help circulation.
  • Reduction of Cellulite & Inches in targeted areas overtime.
    Just like the other products on the market, the pants are of several kinds.
           These particular anti-cellulite pants are designed with anti-mineral ceramic crystals, infrared or micro-massage fibers. All These materials are supposed to improve circulation on a micro level within the thighs and bottom.
   Womens Slimming Pants The best pants in the market however have elastic fibers and skin moisturizing elements that are safe and effective.
The good part is that this product has an acceptable price for anyone, it is not so expensive.
         But when you decide to buy such a special pants you have to do some research on the fabric and the ingredients impregnated with. You should know that some ingredients can cause allergies or have contraindications to certain medications or diseases, so it is a good idea to read the manufacturer’s specifications.
           These ingredients act as anti-cellulite creams or lotions, but along with the massage they are more effective and work without any effort on our part. What we have to admit is very convenient for us. The cosmetic ingredients are released gradually during the use.
              You should use anti-cellulite pants that are designed using safe, with well-researched technology and ingredients. Some can be washed several times without losing the effectiveness of the ingredients, but you need to check first. I suggest hand washing to retain maximum effectiveness.
Do not buy the cheapest product, which may not have the desired effect, better to pay for more, but good quality.
             Also, these pants have to be worn for at least 28 days to be effective, at least 3-8 hours a day. How Long Should You Wear can vary depending on other factors such as the size of the treatment area. So it’s probably ideal to have at least 2 pairs of pants that you can always change. So

How effective are anti-cellulite pants?

Mitch Chasin, MD, Founder and Medical Director of Reflections Center for Skin and Body in Bridgewater, New Jersey said:
,, It takes a lot of thermal energy to create any lasting effects on the appearance of cellulite and there’s no way the leggings will provide that. While it works, the benefits are extremely temporary — we’re talking hours — because there is no remodeling of the structure under the skin.”
On the other hand SCIENTIST’S VERDICT: Angelica Kavouni (consultant plastic surgeon) says:
‘Micro-massage can, in some cases, stimulate sluggish local blood circulation helping to remove toxins and water from the area. However, I’m not sure how fatty deposits will be ‘broken down’. Green tea, coffee and peach extract may well help improve the skin’s appearance temporarily.’
‘Heat can stimulate capillary circulation which, when combined with compression, can help remove water from the area – temporarily.
Studies on 300 women have shown the following results:
After 56 days of use, users report a 17% increase in skin ELASTICITY
–  Improvement in skin COMPACTNESS 76% USERS
–  Reduction of ORANGE PEEL appearance 70% USERS
–  Visible improvements in the skin’s SMOOTHNESS 78% USERS
           This method is a new treatment with little scientific research resources and no real scientific proof of their efficacy, so we rely solely on reviews from buyers who have used this product. There is also no indication that the products are not working because a personal recommendation is not always good for a purchase decision.
            A lot of women who bought and used the product said they saw an improvement in cellulite and body remodeling.
So, in conclusion you only have to try the anti-cellulite pants  and come back with a rview.

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           For those who actually want to get rid of cellulite seriously, they should come to terms with incorporate the ,,good” behavior into their daily agenda. Only a sustained and regular treatment and new habits (diet, exercise) will improve this unpleasant situation named cellulite.